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l used these lights to swap out OEM lights above the bed in our motorhome.These offer far greater adjustment so you can actually illuminate a book while laying in bed! Bonus features are the lights have fully adjustable brightness, and the blue night light mode is actually very soothing and fun.l rated installation as 5 stars, but you do have to be handy with taking out existing 12-volt fixtures and then wiring and fastening these in. Super easy if you know what to do.

Terrific in our motorhome

United States of America
August 10(th), 2019

Thumbs up!!!

Great navigation light, same lite as aqua signal but 1/3 of the price

United States of America
July 12th, 2018

did the job for my main boat disconnect

worked perfectly to replace the main battery breaker for my boats electronics.Arrived quickly and was exactly what l was looking for.

United States of America
June 10th, 2019

Does what it needs to do!

This works perfect with the other offers in the line for water area.l used it as part of a relay panel build and worked great!

United States of America
September 10th, 2019

Just what we were looking for

This was exactly what we needed for our motor home generator. It came very quickly and we were able to repair the generator.

United States of America
July 18th, 2019

Great Boat Navigation Light

This is a great navigation stern light for your boat or to use as accessory lighting the interior of your boat.

United States of America
July 11th, 2018

Not a bus to a bar but it's a great buss bar!

Well made buss bar with lots of connection points.Makes a perfect ground buss to keep thing neat and orderly.

United States of America
November 3rd, 2019

l bought a extra just to have a spare for the nxt project

Well worth the money in just the switches and the ease of installing the panel that is already set up makes it go really quickly

United States of America
February 25th, 2020

Good quality switches

Very nice and do sturdy design.l even really like the switches that come with it. you can tell that by the clicking sound the switches make that that are good quality and will last for a long time.

United States of America
July 5th, 2018

Works OK now; time will tell

Using this in a modest solar sourced power bank to protect output of a DC to AC inverter that is routed to a dedicated AC outlet in home.

United States of America
June 10th, 2021

Great upgrade to replace an old dated panel!

Excellent upgrade for my son's boat re-build! Installed it in a 1970 Chris Craft. Built in volt meter and usb charging ports are a nice touch!

August 14th, 2020

No down side here

l installed this in my jon boat to control the lights, bilge, fish finder, etc. What impressed me the most was the clarity of the instructions. I'm not an electrician.I can pretty much figure out pos and neg but l get easily confused when you start throwing in 3 wire switches and such.The wiring work is high-quality and there are very easy to follow instructions. Excellent panel.

JUNE 21ST, 2019

Works Great

Worked like a charm. Love the battery voltage indicator! If only actual working directions were included, instead of a single piece of paper with a pretty, yet limited schematic. l've completed many wiring tasks and did complete my task successfully, but even a basic set of directions may have saved me time. It's only been a week, but so far it works as it should.

United States of America
May 31st, 2020

Excellent quality! Very pleased.

I love this thing! I didn’t realize until it arrived that the USB ports/voltmeter/cigarette lighter port could be removed and rearranged to your liking. I installed it in my Chevy HHR to control the auxiliary lighting and a couple of cooling fans for the amplifiers. It works beautifully and the switches feel very sturdy.

United States of America
September 29th, 2018

lntense brightness, but still a great product.

Simple, clean and easy to use design.I wired this up to control LED lights and Custom trailer lights in my2002 Tundra and it's been fantastic.l live in a hot humid environment and I've had no issues at all with reliability.The 5 terminal switches are good for wiring custom harnesses or control switches (one switch turns on/off all other switches and voltmeter/socket).Voltmeter and switch lights are very bright, so I recommend stickers or something to dim the light intensity if used in a vehicle-especially at night. If used for the advertised "Marine”usage 'm sure it would be fine though.Overall a fantastic user-friendly product.

United States of America
November 4th, 2019

Really classes up the motorhome!

We replaced "hocky-puck" style lights over the bed in a new motorhome.The original lights were blinding as we tried to read, but the flexible gooseneck lamps allowed directional lighting on the book. Just touch to turn on and off with fumbling with a switch. High end look that really improves the look of the RV.

United States of America
December 3rd, 2021

Just right lighting for many places.

We bought these lights for either side of our bed in our RV.The lights have just the right lumens for reading in bed.Pointed toward the ceiling it is better than turning on overhead lights and works similar to a night light. Slim line style and unobtrusively designed to fit in any decor.

United States of America
July 21st, 2019

Good quality, a bit challenging to install but worth it

l don't love the color but that's a personal preference.They are pretty well made and seem like they will last. Been using them in my camper van for some weeks now and am very happy with them.They are pretty challenging to install perfectly but once you get the hang of it it's no big deal. Would highly recommend.

United States of America
November 20th, 2020

Nice product

Worked great for the panel that l put together for a boat.Fit nicely on the cover of a 6x6x6 waterproof electrical box that l used as the housing. It's been through a couple rain storms with no leaking so far.

United States of America
September 4th, 2019

Work Great!

Awesome switch. Works great and charges phone.Added lights for zero turn mower. Comes with rubber gasket.l used a 6"x6"X6” PVC electrical box for an enclosure l bought from Lowe's item# 10030.

United States of America
February 21st, 2019

Good to go

Worked good very heavy duty and clean looking.l was under the impression the two lugs were connected like most other junction blocks I've used but this was not the case.Easy fix however for my application

United States of America
July 3rd, 2019

Seems Very Nice and Durable

So Far So Good..only had it a month but done well as it is fully exposed to elements with boat sitting in saltwater; like the voltage readout on it as well

United States of America
July 25th, 2020

Very nice set of switches.

I am an industrial electrician and have come across all kinds of switches over the years./ bought these to use on my boat and l was not disappointed at all. They are very well built, look awesome with the illuminated rockers, easy on the eyes in dark situations, and overall work very well. Very pleased with my purchase.

United States of America
August 6th, 2019

Works Great. l have them installed on Genacre generator 7500watt.

Works Great. l have them installed on Generac generator 7500watt. fit like oem with screws and placement. Would buy again is need.Good customer service and fast shipping

United States of America
September 28th, 2021