GenuineMarine S3 7.5" Fuel Water Tank S3 Electic Liquid Level Gauge Standard American 240-33 ohms


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The sensor specifications have U.S. and European regulations

This product adopts the principle of magnetic field to control the contact of the dry reed switch, which has the characteristics of long life and anti-seismic and explosion-proof

Fuel and water boat fuel sending unit sensor

Applying the principle of magnetic field to control the reed on-off switch, featuring long using life, anti-vibration, anti-explosion ect

Output signal: Resistance control signal, 240-33Ω
Materials: The main body is made of SUS316 or SUS304 stainless steel
Length range: 7.87inch / 200 mm.
Resolution hole: 52mm / 2.1 inch 
Wire: PVC material
Assembly: BSP 1 1/4" thread twist-in, or NPT thread twist-in
Accessories: O-ring
Precision range: 10-21mm
Operating temperature: -40°c -+85°
Package :1* level sensor

Does not contain mounting hardware, does not offer separate, either

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