Genuine Marine-THALASSA Marine ABS Plastic Sea Water Filter for Boat Yacht Accessories


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Product Name: Seawater filter


Introduction of sea water filter

Seawater filter is a filter directly filter water suspended solids, particles and other impurities with a filter net, to reduce dirt, bacteria algae, rust, etc.

In a pipe system, in this way to protect the pipe system and equipment and make them work properly.

Large sea water filter

D1: Diameter 25.4MM, connect with 25MM hose

D2: Diameter 31.8MM, connect with 32MM hose

D3: diameter 38.1MM, connect with 38MM hose


Small sea water filter

D1: Diameter 12.7MM, connect with 13MM hose

D2: Diameter 15.9MM, connect with 16MM hose

D3: 19.1MM diameter, connected to 19MM hose



What are the advantages of sea water filter ?

✔Allow multiple intake hose sizes

✔The transparent cover allows easy inspection of the filter without having to disassemble or stop the flow.

✔The larger surface area reduces the frequency of cleaning.

✔Applications also include bilge pump filters and flush kit filters


Applicable scenarios: Engines, Generators, Water generators, Hydraulic coolers.

Please Know: Check out the dimension image and make sure it fits your application. Thank you!

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